Welcome To Awakon Federal Credit Union

Building Financial Trust and Stability, One Member at a Time.

Awakon Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative providing the best service to our most important assets – our members. The mission of a credit union is to provide and promote the use of a variety of financial services which feature particular benefits and advantages over those generally available from other banking sources, with the specific intent of helping members gain some particular measure of personal financial success.


Heading Out Of Town On Vacation??

Let Us Know!

If you have plans to travel this summer, please stop by any Awakon branch to fill out a debit notification form.

This will ensure that your debit card will not be rejected due to unusual or suspicious activity when you make purchases with it while you’re away.

If you have any questions regarding our debit card fraud prevention procedures, please contact a member service representative.



It’s Never Too Early To Begin Saving For Christmas…


Christmas is less than six months away, so be sure to stop by any Awakon branch to open a Christmas Club account today!

It’s a great way to save throughout the year so you can enter the holiday season with cash in your hand.

Speak with a member service representative for details and to open your account before it gets too late to save!