Financial Tune Up

Our popular “Financial Tune Up” is back!  Stop by one of our branches or contact one of our Financial Service Specialists for a FREE “Financial Tune Up” to see where we might be able to save YOU money!

*Financial Tune Up inquiries WILL NOT affect your Credit Report.


We schedule time for annual checkups for our health & cars,
but what about our finances?

Awakon is bringing back its popular FREE FINANCIAL “TUNE UP” to get your life running smoother!
Talk to one of our Financial Service Specialists today to schedule your tune-up and find out how Awakon can SAVE YOU MONEY! Tune-ups usually take less than 15 minutes and we can provide free financial counseling, money saving solutions and helpful tools to help you save money and raise your credit score!

Each participant will also receive the award winning book, “Money Rules”.

We’ve saved hundreds of members, thousands of dollars with this program in the past and look forward to helping many more!

Awakon’sFinancial “TUNE UP” will not affect your credit score.

Awakon Federal Credit Union
Start 2018 on a positive note by speaking with a financial
service specialist or visiting today!

*Grant funding for this program was provided by MCUF