Debit/ATM Cards

MasterCard Debit Cards

The Awakon Federal Credit Union’s MasterMoney Debit Card allows you to either access money in your credit union account using an ATM to receive cash directly or you can make over-the-counter purchases using a point-of-sale (POS) terminal. Any merchant that displays the Mastercard logo will accept your MasterMoney Debit Card. Swipe and Sign at the merchant by choosing CREDIT to earn SCORECARD REWARDS points. Check out the merchandise/vacations you can purchase with your points.

Mastercard Alerts: Enroll in mobile and/or email alerts whenever your card is used

Some Important Numbers to Know for your Credit/Debit/ATM Cards:

Cardholder Support After Hours: 501.246.8497
After Hours Reporting of Lost/Stolen Cards within the US: 833.933.1681

Collect Calls Reporting Lost/Stolen Cards outside the US: 812.647.9794
Dispute Initiation: 866.279.1399
Card Activation: 833.681.3531
PIN Change: 833.681.3531


If you have fraud or a transaction to dispute, please call 866.279.1399 or fill out a debit dispute form for each charge and e-mail back to

ATM Cards

The Awakon Federal Credit Union’s ATM card lets you make cash withdrawals, transfer funds and make balance inquiries from your share or share draft (checking) account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ATTENTION: Credit/Debit/ATM card holders!

Awakon Federal Credit Union is committed to protecting the assets of our members. Awakon FCU has a 24/7 Fraud Monitoring System called Ominshield, which monitors your card for excessive or unusual activity.

Frequently Asked Questions about OmniShield Fraud Monitoring:

How will this affect my existing card?
There will be no change to your current service unless you experience fraudulent or suspicious activity with your card(s).

What happens when suspicious or unusual activity occurs?
OmniShield will place a temporary block on your card and attempt to contact you directly at the phone number we have on file for you to verify the transaction(s) in question. Your card may be permanently blocked if we cannot establish contact with you after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed.

What happens if the charge is legitimate but OmniShield is unable to get in touch with me?
Awakon FCU reserves the right to unblock your card if you are able to contact us, or if based on prior activity or knowledge, we know the charge to be legitimate. If OmniShield cannot reach you by phone, a temporary block will be placed until the transaction can be validated or confirmed as fraud.

What happens if I travel somewhere new or need to make a large purchase that does not fit within the pattern of my normal activity?
Your card may be blocked; however, Awakon FCU may choose to unblock your card at anytime. It is recommended that you contact Awakon FCU ahead of time to inform us of your plans. We also suggest you write down the phone numbers below and take them with you in the event that your card is blocked and you need to reach Falcon immediately.

What will OmniShield ask if they contact me?
You should expect a OmniShield Fraud Analyst to ask you to validate if a specific transaction(s) is valid or not. They may ask you to verify the last 4 digits of your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) to ensure they are speaking with the true cardholder. They will not ask for your card number, password, or other personal identification information. In some cases, you may receive an automated phone call and will be asked to verify your transactions using your telephone keypad to respond. If you are unavailable to take the initial call, a message will be left on your voicemail.